• Hello and welcome! In my professional life, I prioritize quality and timely delivery. I firmly believe in the importance of clear communication and respect for deadlines. I'm someone who enjoys aligning my efforts with your project or company vision, striving to contribute effectively and learn along the way. Off the clock, I'm an avid technology enthusiast. I love to explore everything from the deep history of computer systems to the latest trends in programming tech. You can often find me tinkering with a software project or diving into the stories of deprecated technologies.

  • C#

    I am experienced with using C# to develop Enterprise-ready web APIs using frameworks and tools such as ASP.NET Core and Microsoft Orleans.

  • Typescript

    I am adept with using Javascript and Typescript to create microservices, perform automated testing of websites, and develop CI/CD actions.

  • C++

    I have experience with using C/C++ for developing embedded programs and applications as well as performance-intensive applications.

  • Python

    In my AI-oriented projects, I use Python as the main language of choice.